A new kind of kick!


Caliente is the first bottled non-alcoholic drink giving you a rush. Because we’ve added chili that, similar to alcohol, activates the reward center in the brain, releasing endorphins and feelings of happiness.

A growing number are after fun yet grown-up drink options without alcohol. More and more also find spicy appealing taste-wise. And as an added plus, chili helps to bring out other flavors, which means we can keep the sugar content low and still get drinks with great character.

Caliente is a social drink that also happens to be great with food. It’s best enjoyed slowly and when served ice cold!

Multiple award-winning, organic, all natural and made in Sweden.

Available flavours:

• Chili Cranberry Pomegranate
• Chili Blueberry Lemongrass
• Chili Ginger Lime